The freedom of Christianity.

What’s your view of Christianity? Is it a positive view, or one which provokes mostly negative thoughts? Perhaps you see it as a faith which involves living in a way which takes away a freedom to do things?

If that thought has gone through your mind, then a further question to ask is this: what image do you have when you think of the word ‘freedom’?

Is it mainly of a freedom to do or say whatever you want, whenever you want? Or rather a freedom from enslavement to someone or something?

When associating Christianity and freedom, many people think in the negative; that it is a faith which restricts freedom by enforcing a set of laws and restrictions that limit what we can and can’t do.

But when the Bible does speak of freedom, it is intended to be a positive – and a freedom from the things harmful to us, or which serve us no benefit. We’re invited to be free from things which cause pain to ourselves, and to those around us.

Only from a belief in God can our hearts be truly changed, and only through faith that our desires change and result in a turning away from the harmful or sinful things which serve us no true benefit.

It’s a freedom which is anything but negative. And it is freely available to anyone who wants it.


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    WELL said!! My initial introduction to Christianity was very legalistic. I was always in fear of displeasing God. It felt so confining because there was always a list to things I could not do, but not much talk of what I was free TO do. You have said this perfectly.

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    I think sometimes of the analogy of making a cake. You can veer from the recipe, and it may give some unusual results, but if you stick to the recipe, you can be assured you will end up with a cake. If God is the baker, and the Bible is the cookbook, he knows the ingredients and instructions for the best results for our lives.

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