The rising cost of heating up beans.

So British Gas have announced further rises to their energy prices.

The most pleasing aspect was that it made so much news coverage on the radio, that I was actually able to know about these rises in advance. Without such coverage on BBC’s finest, one wonders whether customers of British Gas would be told at all.

Despite the increase though and the criticism that has been aimed at British Gas, I will jump ever so slightly to the defence of the company by pointing out that in the three years since becoming the proud, but cash-strapped owner of my own home, I’ve also benefited from sizeable energy price cuts too, at times when wholesale costs have been lower. Not too many companies pass on savings to the customer which they themselves are benefiting from.

It’s also true that while British Gas are generally the subject of more negative headlines than their rivals, those very companies are never far away from increasing their own energy prices.

So for the meantime, I shall remain a customer of British Gas. And continue to enjoy hot beans.

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